What to expect:

Just come with your medical records and Illinois driver’s license/Illinois state ID, and one other proof of residency.

There will be a lot going on during your visit to Innovative Express Care, but it’s all part of the process. You’ll fill out medical forms on a digital pad, you’ll see a fingerprinting person (if you have not done so), and then you’ll come into the exam room.

You’ll then see my a nurse or medical assistant, who will take your vital signs, briefly ask you about your medical history and medications, and discuss cannabis, the Illinois process, and answer questions.

Then, you’ll see the doctor.

The doctor will talk about a lot: your medical condition, your medications, your goals, your knowledge on MMJ, and how MMJ may help. The doctor will give you time for questions and discuss anything else you want. Just to let you know, if you have PTSD, we do NOT go into detail about the traumatic events. We do talk about the symptoms that are caused by the PTSD and the medications you take for the PTSD.

For the 2nd visit, we offer telemedicine, so you do not have to navigate Chicago and can wear your pajamas. It’s a similar application to Skype (but HIPAA Compliant). Here I see you again, but through your laptop or smart phone, and then sign your medical certification and answer more questions.

The application and medical certification meet in Springfield, and you should get your MMJ card in 30-35 days from the 2nd visit.

What are some reasons that I get a deficiency?

Not many things go wrong, but if they do, most commonly it’s that the patients do not have a condition, they had a felony, or they did not submit the right proof of residency. We can fix the latter. Also, 5% of human fingerprints do not show up correctly, so the finger printers may need to re-do them. This also happens rarely.

Should I follow-up with the doctor?

Yes, by law, your physician and you should have a bonafide relationship! We ask that after the you get your MMJ card, they make another telemedicine appointment with me so I can really start helping them with their condition, how to wean off other medications, etc. just like any time my patient starts a new medication, I like to do a follow up.

Our prices are transparent on our website, please take a look at them (they do not change). We take insurance (most PPOs and Medicare). The doctors are accessible but if you have significant questions, we ask you make an appointment so we can give you my undivided attention. We are trying to help people get certified safely and efficiently.

What are the conditions?

They are listed here under “Conditions

Do you want everything printed out for your visit?

Download and print out the entire Welcome Packet here!

Need Instructions on telemedicine?

Telemedicine Instructions

Want to know where the Illinois Department of Public Health is with you application?

If it has been 30 days since you submitted the application, you can inquire by email. Here’s how you do it: How to Check on Your Illinois Medical Card Status

Wait! I am on disability (also known as SSDI), where do I get the right paperwork? I want my 50% off application fees.

Here’s a instruction sheet for you. Yes, we’ve thought of everything.

The SSDI “benefit verification letter” can be found by clicking on this:


Wait! I’m a veteran. I want my 50% off application fees.

Please bring a copy of your DD-214.