Telemedicine at Innovative MMJ Care means you can interact directly with a DOCTOR from the privacy of your own home. Or office. Or the bathroom. Video-conferencing works everywhere and we can hear you if you need to whisper.


Convenience, Convenience, Convenience!

Telemedicine works well for medication refills, check-ins, follow-ups, and simple issues such as that follow-up visit to discuss medical marijuana.

Enjoy the care of a physician from the comfort of your own home.

Also, pajamas.

We won’t judge. Well, maybe just a little if they’re footie pajamas.


Visit: https://nextpatient.co/p/62/appointments

Or, call: (773) 270-5600

Book the appointment, and you’ll get an email confirmation. It’s that easy!

Visits usually last ten to fifteen minutes. You can use your laptop, iPhone, Android, iPad, or most smart phones. (It does require Chrome or Firefox and a camera on your laptop/desktop.) And no, we can’t see what you’re looking at on your other browser windows.

Log on

You’ve booked your visit! You’ll receive an email from us with the date and time of your appointment, along with instructions on how to quickly set up your computer/smartphone/tablet settings.

At the time of your visit you will be placed in a virtual room, and your physician will then see you promptly. It’s like the Matrix, but cooler.

See a Doctor

You will meet with a physician who will ask you thorough questions, guide you through an exam, and has the ability to e-prescribe your medication as needed. It’s going to seem crazy when the doctor steps through the phone and into your home, but just go with it. Virtual reality is so on point these days.


We will bill you the same way we billed you on your initial visit. If it is self-pay, it is the same. If it is through insurance, we will submit to your insurance.

We accept most major insurance: innovativeexpresscare.com/billing-and-insurance

Unless your smartphone or tablet can spit out dollar bills, we use credit cards for all forms of payment—whether you use insurance or pay for your visit out of pocket. you will be asked to submit your credit card.